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Express Eventing is the radical new format for world class eventing. It brings the three disciplines of dressage, cross-country and showjumping to a single arena to create a thrilling spectator experience. Now you can see all the action from one seat and follow the progress of each rider at every stage of the competition.

Express Eventing was born out of a passion for this most demanding of equestrian sports, testing the partnership between horse and rider to the absolute limit. It’s a sport where men and women compete on equal terms and where experience frequently triumphs over youth.

Until now, eventing has been largely defined by the requirement for a cross-country course of up to four and a half miles long and by major competitions lasting days at a time. Express Eventing uses a highly condensed competition format to bring all the drama and excitement of the sport in hours rather than days and to almost any indoor or outdoor stadium.

First tested at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in 2008, Express Eventing has evolved with the help and participation of many of the world’s top riders. They enjoy the intensity of the competition, the tight manoeuvres and fast pace, and the intimate atmosphere of an enclosed sporting arena. The format has been showcased at events such as The Royal Festival of the Horse at Stoneleigh Park, The Festival of Eventing at Gatcombe Park, The Horse of The Year Show at the NEC in Birmingham and Horse World Live at the ExCel arena in London. The 2015 CLA Game Fair was the fourth year in a row that Express Eventing has been a highlight of this famous event.

Express Eventing includes unique features, such as freestyle dressage to music, which never fails to surprise and entertain. There’s also a simplified scoring system to ensure that everyone knows what each rider needs to do to win. Expert commentary helps newcomers and enthusiasts alike get the most from the competition, while the rider interviews and course walks are a must for anyone who really wants to get inside the minds of the competitors.

Express Equine Events Ltd (E3), which operates the sport of Express Eventing, had the aim of creating a competition format that would deliver the maximum amount of enjoyment and appreciation of the sport in the minimum amount of time and space. Achieving this goal has opened up tremendous opportunities for taking the sport of eventing to new locations and new audiences.


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"Winning Express Eventing in 2010 was just an incredible experience and has given me lots of new and exciting opportunities on so many fronts. I can’t wait to defend my title this year!"

Flora Harris – Winner of Express Eventing 2010
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