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"I am delighted to have qualified for the final at the Horse of the year Show, I’ve been attempting to compete in Express Eventing for a couple of years now.

In particular the dressage to music experience has been fantastic, even though it takes a lot of preparation and practice to get it all to flow. I’m starting my dressage training next week as I plan to completely change my music for the final. The only disadvantage I have is that he finds this very exciting, particularly the crowd applause so I’ll be working on getting him used to that more.

All my rider friends are very impressed with the Express Eventing series and think that Series will be inundated with entries for 2012."

Sienna Myson-Davies


"If you saw the Express Eventing fences on a normal course you wouldn’t be too worried about them but it’s the characteristics of the fences in an arena, and it’s a good competition.

There’s not too much comparison between Express Eventing cross country and normal cross country because everything comes up so quickly. The riders as well as the horses have got to be mentally switched on.

It's great to have a go at something different. I think it's a really fun concept and I've particularly enjoyed preparing for the freestyle dressage. Bring on the final!"

Harry Meade


"I am delighted to have qualified for the final of the Express Eventing Series 2011. It was fantastic to be invited last year but is a great achievement to have qualified in my own right this year.

It’s an exciting new competition and although at the moment isn’t second nature to the riders, the way the team behind Express Eventing are progressing the idea each year I can see if really taking off.

Gatcombe Park was a great qualifier and although we did our dressage the day before show jumping and cross country it’s great that at the final we are able to do all three phases in one day."

Georgie Spence


"It’s the first time I’ve done Express Eventing and I wish I’d done it earlier. I’m having so much fun taking part and I’m really enjoying it.

To prepare the horse I did a lot of practice with the music, and I practiced doing skinny and narrow jumps. The preparation was a little different to my normal routine, but not too different.

I have loved every single minute, it’s been very exciting and winning and qualifying for the final has just topped it off. I think it’s a great concept and one that really suited my horse. The final qualifier was my first time competing in the Series and I just wish I’d done the previous three."

Sam Griffiths


"I’ve competed in each of the three different Express Eventing competitions in 2008, 2010 and 2011. It is very exciting and it’s here for the future. The competition gives the horses experience and atmosphere and with the little twisty tracks they get the right experience for the big competitions out there.

As a competition in it’s own right it’s exciting, it is there for the audience and it is something the sport desperately needs. The Express Eventing Series is a good lesson for the whole sport of eventing to be more commercial and diverse"

Alex Hua Tian


"This should go global. If this really caught on, you wouldn’t catch me doing anything else! I’ve won the same money as you’d get at some three-day events for one tenth of the effort. Express Eventing is absolutely brilliant!

I have really enjoyed the more compact, one day format. The hardest part that I’ve found to adjust to although now, good fun, has been the Freestyle Dressage to Music. It has been completely different for me, firstly having to put together my own test and then fit it to music!

I’m very much looking forwards to the Horse of the Year Show final at the NEC in October and I am working on a new piece of music, it’s top secret but will be one to listen out for."

Matthew Wright


"The prize money on offer is an obvious draw, but it’s also a great showcase of young eventing talent and I wanted to be part of that. The prize money is greater and more achievable than traditional eventing.

I think it could be the way some of the sport goes in the future. We want to see the great three-day events continue, but it’s an expensive sport to put on at places like the Olympics and this offers a more viable, accessible and spectator-friendly alternative. If this is the way the sport goes, I want to be ready for that.

If you train for it you should do well. You can’t just turn up and expect to do well, a bit of cross country schooling just won’t cut it. Last year I spent hours going up and down the motorway for dressage training and even training the horse so he was used to the atmosphere."

Flora Harris


"I was so excited when I learnt that I had qualified as I last rode at the Horse of the Year Show in the Foxhunter final years ago and never thought I'd get the chance again since I made the switch to eventing.

For me it brings the excitement of riding against the clock and in front of a crowd like I had when show jumping but with the added thrill of it being an eventing competition.

I loved competing at the Express Eventing Qualifier at Bolesworth. It was really great to be competing with some of the biggest names in our sport – Mark Todd, Oliver Townend and Matthew Wright. It is such a huge opportunity for young riders and I will definitely apply to compete again next year."

Shari Butchart


"Bolesworth was a spectacular venue. I was over the moon to have qualified straight away and I had such fun.

Express Eventing places you on a pedestal with the big names, and I'm really looking forward to the final.

The atmosphere should be great, and it gives us eventers a chance to ride in a situation we wouldn't usually and also gives people who might not usually see eventing the chance to watch our sport first hand."

Paul Sims


"Express Eventing has been incredibly important for me. The prize money in 2008 was significant and has really helped me, but it is about much more than that.
Express Eventing is a very serious competition. It is a great format for equestrians and has the potential to do for my sport what Twenty20 has done for cricket. The sport requires skill as well as significant hard work and preparation. It is built upon the core foundations of three-day eventing – and has been developed and fine-tuned over the years on feedback from the riders. It is a very exciting initiative.

I really think this is the way to go. This is the way to raise the profile of Express Eventing and to showcase it to traditional audiences, but it is also the way to reach out to new audiences – and to get new people interested in equestrianism. "

Oliver Townend


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Elite Express Eventing has developed from a purely invitational competition to one open to all riders meeting competition requirements and universally recognised equestrian standards.

Riders wishing to apply to compete in the Premier Equestrian Flooring Express Eventing Challenge 2016 should register online.

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"Winning Express Eventing in 2010 was just an incredible experience and has given me lots of new and exciting opportunities on so many fronts. I can’t wait to defend my title this year!"

Flora Harris – Winner of Express Eventing 2010
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